Friday, August 3, 2012

08/3/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome every to another Friday posting! I hope this week treated you all well. I have started working, and while I'm tired, I'm grateful to have a job to go to. For now though, let's get right down to business.

I bring you 'PASCO' today by RK Moore. It's a short story that follows Max, a man that was given a job that a local temp agency told him to apply to. The problem is the man who interviewed him (if it can be called an interview) won't tell him what the job actually is and just offered it to him. Not wanting to get into trouble, and almost ready to give up from a long and fruitless job search, Max accepts the offer not knowing fully what he's in store for.

The main reason I picked this story is because it scratched a little nerdy itch for me. PASCO is an organization that deals with the unknown, and I seriously love stuff like that. This story reminds me of the B.P.R.D. (Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense) from Hellboy, but also as the touch of humor that 'The Laundry' does, and I can get behind that. It's a delight to read and I wanted to share it with everyone here.

'PASCO' is available on Smashwords for $1.49, so please tell your friends to go there and check it out. I don't believe it qualifies for the Premium Catalog at this time, so Smashwords is going to be where you want to pick it up from. Go check it out and tell your friends all about it to help give this author a big push!

Thanks everyone for stopping by today! As a reminder, the price has been lowered on 'The Light Rises' so definitely check it out and let everyone know! So far the price update has only hit Smashwords, but give it some time and it should go to the other retailers as well.  For now though I must be off, I wanted to make sure I got this up before I left to give the review the most time possible to get around the web. I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend, and if you're in the Washington area, have an awesome Seafair Weekend!

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