Monday, August 27, 2012

08/27/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Greetings everyone and happy Monday! I am on my 'normal' schedule this week, so I am slightly more awake than I was last week. Let's see how long that lasts, shall we? With my schedules flipping every week, I'm not sure how I'll be able to actually get my sleep schedule adjusted, but we'll see what happens I suppose.

I am almost to the halfway point of going over 'The Light Rises' for inconsistencies. I will say that reading through the story again after so long does help me appreciate it a bit more, though I can honestly say that I can tell it was written over a year ago. I'm sure a lot of authors go through this too, but being able to drastically tell the difference between your own styles is interesting if not a bit frustrating. Especially since you can look at something and want to go back in time and tell the past version of you not to do that because it either makes no sense, or you've figured out a better way to handle it. I won't do that though, because everyone knows my stance on time travel.

Another word to the wise; if anyone told transposing from a notebook to a computer was going to be a fast process, they were lying to you! Maybe it's because the notebook pages, my handwriting, and the font size 12 don't fit together perfectly, but I am constantly convinced I should be further along than I am, but then I look at the page number and have the urge to throw it across the room. This is not a process that happens overnight, as much as I think that would be awesome and some kind of witchcraft. I mean yes, I am a little happy that I get the chance to go into more specific detail about some things, and for all I know that's my downfall, but I seriously feel like I should be almost done with that notebook and about ready to jump into the next one. It's also kind of weird not having the slightest idea of how long something is going to be, even though it's finished in one medium. My currently guess is around 180, but we'll see what the future holds!

I appreciate everyone stopping by today. I wish there was more to report in the area of progress, but unfortunately I had to work this past Saturday and that brought a lot of work to a screeching halt. I'm not sure how I feel about having only one day in a weekend, but this weekend is sure to make up for it. (Yay! Three day weekend!) I will see everyone back here on Wednesday! As always if there are any topic suggestions, comments, questions, and/or emotional outbursts, please put them in the comments section below and I will address them as promptly as I can. Have a good week!

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