Friday, August 10, 2012

08/10/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm glad you have made it back and hopefully your week was full of nice weather and fun. I have started making progress reviewing 'The Light Rises' in the fashion I mentioned on Wednesday, so that is a good sign. For now though let's get to business.

Today I bring you 'Skyships and Airtunnels' by T.J. Dipple. It's about an airship crew taking part in an annual race through the skies. Darrel, the captain, is determined to win his ship and his crew their prize after five years of constant trying, and to do that he has to take his new skyship through the most dangerous airtunnel on the route.

Now normally things regarding really any sort of racing I usually just let my eyes glaze over and wait for it to be over (any Fast & Furious movies haven't gotten love from me) however, this idea intrigued me enough to take a look. I like how everything to characters did felt like part of normal life for them, so the descriptions didn't feel shoehorned in, and the exposition was more like a captain and his crew having normal conversation, not like Darrel was telling everyone on the ship how to make it work for the very first time. Everyone felt very competent, which was rather nice since the path Darrel instructed his crew to take was incredibly dangerous and if they didn't know what they were doing they'd all die. Especially since one mistake in the airtunnels means almost certain death for any crew, what with the lakes of magma running through them.

'Skyships and Airtunnels' is available on Smashwords for $1.20, so please go and take a look for yourselves. This is a story about trust at its very core, and the idea of everyone working as a unit toward a common goal, not for one person, but for everyone on board is great. You get the sense of how sports teams work as a unit, and how everyone needs to play their part in order to achieve absolute victory.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I'll be back on Monday, thankfully starting my normal schedule so hopefully I'll be more awake then. For now I hope everyone has a good weekend, and gets to see some pretty shooting stars from the meteor shower that's happening. Have fun and have a great weekend!

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