Friday, June 22, 2012

06/22/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back everyone for this Friday's entry. This is my last Friday working my wonderful closing shift, and will be 8 - 5 next week. So for that I wanted to bring you something entertaining to help ease the time change a bit.

Today I bring you 'A Helluva Deal' by Frank Barvitch. It's about Harold, a man who has summoned the Devil to make a deal for his soul. However, the Devil doesn't want his soul, instead he would much rather Harold help him out by giving the world means to summon him and his minions correctly again. This is a fun little story that is sure to bring a laugh on a nice Friday afternoon.

The reason I picked it is rather simple; when you think about it, he's right. Now I'm not saying that I summon the devil, or think anyone should try, or any of that kind of nonsense. No, the main point the story is trying to get across is that we've become so dependent on things like technology and having things done for us that certain things that would be considered tradition have fallen by the wayside. There are things that we believe should work because they are cliche, or because we've seen it work in movies, and so on. Take the idea of shooting a locked door open; how many times have you seen it work in a movie? Does the fact that Mythbusters proved it doesn't work change your mind? What about a gun going off when it hits the ground? That's what this story is trying to get across, which is why I picked it.

'A Helluva Deal' is $.99 at Smashwords, and I do recommend giving it a read-through. It's entertaining and a quick read and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it. So please check it out and why not give the author a little review yourself if you have the time.

Thanks everyone for stopping by again this week. I really hope next week goes smoothly, as I am not looking forward to waking up before the sun. I hope your weekend sees you all well, and I'll be back on Monday with a full report!

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