Monday, June 11, 2012

06/11/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone and good Monday to you. I survived the weekend and am now getting ready to survive work as well. This week we're having a cart come with roasted corn and a bunch of spices to put on it as a thanks from the mid-west region of my work. Right now they're my favorite because roasted corn is perfection.

This weekend my friends and I helped someone move. It was an interestingly little convoy, but we got everything over to her new place in one trip and also without any (known) casualties! It'll be nice to have her closer to everyone else, since where she lived before was almost an hour away. Now it's about 20 minutes and there's a plethora of food places/stores to go to!

The experience reminded me though of how much I dislike moving. Right now my plan is to move one more time, and that will be into a house, that I bought, that I won't have to move out of. It will be at least two stories, it has been brought to my attention we'll need a basement, and will have a beautiful kitchen, and I won't ever have to move ever again. For right now though, that is a dream, and I am focusing on making sure I have a job before I go into any more serious thinking about that kind of stuff.

This week's game went well, it involved breaking down order of events, making timelines, and having a white-board like on House M.D., but we made progress. Now we just need to get to this Saturday so I can jump right back into everything. That will take time progressing on a normal path, or going into a 4-day coma and magically waking up on Friday, you know, so I can get caught up and get some things done, then have fun on Saturday.

Either way, today is another day, and I will get through it as 'patiently' as possible. I will be back on Wednesday, so I hope to see everyone back at that time. I hope the start of your week goes well! Until then I hope you all have a good day!

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