Friday, October 28, 2011

10/28/2011 Fantastic Friday!

Hello all! Welcome back on this glorious Friday! It's the Friday before Halloween and let me tell you, I am excited. I may not have any real Halloween plans, but it's my favorite holiday, so I'm happy. For right now though, let's get a book out there!

On Wednesday I mentioned that I joined up with a Steampunk Writers guild, and today, while searching through smashwords I found this! "The Lost Airship" by Joseph Robert Lewis, who happens to be a fellow guildy! Neat! It's a steampunk adventure set in an alternate earth where the ice age didn't really melt all the way, so northern Europe is still covered in ice, the Roman empire never existed, and northern Africa is rich and vibrant and not just a desert.

The story follows Omar Bakhoum and his quest to discover the answers of the aether, specifically how it carries the knowledge and souls of the dead. He joins up with an airship crew to find the answers in the lost and mostly forgotten north, only to be accused to murdering two of the crew members. It's now up to him to prove his innocence and learn the lost secrets before the crew decide he should be killed and left at sea.

This steampunk adventure is available on smashwords for absolutely free! It's also on Barnes and Noble for .99, so there's really no reason not to pick it up for your e-reader. It's a fun adventure that is set 4 years before his series, "The Halcyon Trilogy". I must enjoyed this read, and it was really exciting to see a name I recognized!

Next week marks the start of nanowrimo, so I have no guarantee I'll have time to find a novel to put up on Friday, but I will certainly try my absolute best. If you're participating, feel free to post your word-count progress or any tips, tricks, and so forth you've found useful. Until then, I'll see everyone on Monday, have a good weekend!


  1. Hi Kelly, thanks for taking a look at The Lost Airship, I'm glad you liked it. Cheers!

  2. not a problem. Thanks for being easy to contact and leaving a comment! ^__^d