Monday, October 10, 2011

10/10/2011 Magnificent Monday

Greetings everyone! I am back on my normal work schedule, so I am awake, and looking forward to not being absolutely exhausted all the time forever. I apologize for not posting anything on Friday, if you caught the twitter/facebook posts you will know I needed to spend my time fixing/reformatting my laptop rather than finding a book to read. I apologize for that, and hope to do better in the future.

My experience in having to quickly back everything up with the hope that not everything is going to explode into flames and computer parts, is backing up your documents. Even after I was done and was working on moving the files back to the laptop, I had a brief moment where I nearly had a heart-attack when I opened the Dropbox folder before everything had synced and it was empty. Rest assured everything is fine now, but that moment of panic was very telling.

Now luckily I have passed my stories back and forth between myself and a friend of mine that she likely has a copy of my prequel, and with "The Light Rises" and "Uncrossed Paths" being on the internet, that does help, however I have more documents than I know how to count that aren't in either of those places. If for no other reason I haven't put them on the internet, or time has required the e-mails be deleted. I was more worried about losing those. So I suppose the moral of this story is: back your stuff up, and do it multiple times in multiple places because if one back-up doesn't work you want to still have access to everything.

I felt really bad about my computer crashing, I couldn't work, I couldn't blog, I couldn't read new books. It was awful. I was fairly certain the reformat was going to work, but I'd never done one before so I was incredibly nervous and kind of short with pretty much everyone. I just wanted everything to work perfectly because a new laptop isn't exactly in my budget right now. Now everything does work, the laptop has some strange feelings towards IE (Internet Explorer) so I've been using Firefox almost exclusively, Office is back on along with all my documents and music, so now I can get back to focusing on what's important: writing/reading!

I appreciate everyone's patience these last few weeks with my work schedule and now my laptop getting near-murdered. My schedule is back to being that of a closing shift, so my posts should be more consistent and earlier in the day again. Thanks again so very much, and I'll see everyone on Wednesday!

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