Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24/2011 Magnificent Monday!

Hello all, I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was spent with friends and my boyfriend gaming, so I had lots of fun. Still preparing for Nanowrimo, and my wrist seems to be agreeing this is a good idea, so I'm hoping I'll be able to make it through the month.

I started a Facebook ad this weekend, well, technically on Friday, to see if that helps get some sales/traffic to 'The Light Rises' and it seems to be working. No actual sales yet, and only one sample has been downloaded so far, but it is getting people seeing it, and if they're clicking on the ad, it means they're at least somewhat interested, or they might know someone who is, so I'm trying really hard to think of any of this as a good thing. I also had a quote given to me from a book marketing agency, and well, that is way outside my budget, so I'm trying to figure out how to write out the reply.

I also realized I don't have a marketing 'plan' but the problem there is I also realized I don't know how to make one. I understand going out towards your demographic, I get that, and I've tried getting involved in some steampunk forums, but it is still difficult because I don't know where to go from there. I'm also not someone who is used to putting themselves out there where everyone can see everything, so it's also a matter of breaking out of my shell a bit, and let me tell you, it feels like every mention I make of an ad, or my book itself, I am incredibly embarrassed and awkward.

Hope to see everyone back here on Wednesday where I talk about writing and such, likely some more nanowrimo preparation. I look forward to seeing you all again, as usual, any questions, comments, of discussion topics, please feel free to post them below and I'd be happy to bring them up. Until then!

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