Friday, March 30, 2012

03/30/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back everyone for my weekly review post. I'm glad to see that everyone has made it through the week, no matter how challenging it was at times. I'm still waiting to here back from potential job prospects, and while that is driving me crazy with anticipation, I was able to get work done on 'Feathers of the Dead' to the point of getting to page (handwritten) 101 yesterday. For now though, let's get to business!

Today I look at "The Light Guardian" by K.B. Robey, a fantasy adventure set in the world of Mordaea, and the author was nice enough to include a map with their story as well! It begins by telling the story of Evangeline's father, the benevolent king that was betrayed by his advisor (Why do any kings have those? The only one who's never betrayed anyone was Zazu in 'The Lion King' and that was only because his king could eat him.) and she was forced to escape from the riot that followed. Raised by a loyalist of her father's, Eve was trained to defend herself and take back her kingdom from Zavier's tyrannical rule.

I enjoy this story because it has a sense of justice to it. Eva's father was killed by the person he trusted most, and now his country is in chaos and darkness. She must gather allies and learn how to use her power to take everything back and save not only her father's name, but her people. Evangeline goes to great lengths to do this; being trained from a very young age, to traveling all over Mordaea to learn of strange and ancient tribes to gather as much support as she can. There is a definite sense that she genuinely cares for what happens to her country, even if the people rose up against her father.

"The Light Guardian" is $2.99 and available at Smashwords. I'm sure it'll move to the premium catalog soon, so it will also be available at other locations too. I recommend this for anyone who just wants to read something to help get them through some tough times.

Thanks everyone for stopping by this week! I look forward to (hopefully) a weekend of relaxation and winding down from a week of crazy. I'll see everyone again on Monday, until then I hope you all have a fun weekend!

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