Friday, March 2, 2012

03/02/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back! I see you've all managed to survive the week as well. I have pushed through the day job, and having a new game that I would much rather go home and play. I appreciate you all coming back here, so I will not waste anymore of your time!

Today I look at 'The Gothic Ghost Killer' by Abigail Fero. This one, while distributed through Smashwords is actually published by Black Shire Publishing and is available for .99 through Smashwords.

I enjoyed this little story for a few reasons; it deals with the trials and tribulations of a ghost trapped somewhere it doesn't belong, and how things might not work the way we see them in movies.

It follows the story of Howard, who died in a high school and has been haunting there ever since. He didn't go to that school, and was actually a grown man when he died, but he's stuck there now, and is rather bad at being ghostly. People see him and tease him, and he has to deal with the bullies just like many other high school students. Until Raven shows up, a freshmen who loves all things goth.

The story is incredibly short, so I don't go into any other spoilers than that. It is quiet delightful though, and in it's short span of time you do feel bad for Howard, you want him to be able to find a place where he can be left alone. That could be because I'm sure there are a lot of us out there that dealt with being teased, disrespected, and so forth in high school, and we want to cheer him on in his quest to not have that happen.

I'm glad you've all come out again this week to see my reviews. Remember, Monday marks the Smashwords sale and as soon as I get the coupon information I'll send it out to everyone! Until then I hope you all have a fun and exciting weekend!

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