Friday, August 30, 2013

08/30/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Greetings everyone and welcome back. I said I would be here if there weren't any horrible disasters, and well it seems like I narrowly avoided one. The kitty is getting better (at least I think) slowly, and he's looking at food again. He was just a bit stupid and over-did it last night. It's strange that I completely understand the way he's acting regarding food, in that it's similar to the way I do when I feel sick; why would I want to eat that? It makes me throw up. Followed by; OMG I'M SO HUNGRY ALL OF THE FOOD EVER GIVE ME NOW. Which then is another poor life choice. I have his food levels down, so hopefully he won't gorge himself like an idiot again. Anyway, you're not here to listen to me talk about my cats.

Today I bring you 'The Keystone' by Joe Curry. Aside from having a name that makes me want delicious food, this story is about an Oxford professor named Jared, who is given a message by a strange man one day pertaining to his father. Having not thought much about the man since he passed away, Jared starts looking to find that he may be in way over his head, and that his father may have had a life far outside their family.

I picked this story because it reminded me of a cross between 'The Da Vinci Code' and the 'American Treasure' movies, both of which are fun if you suspend your disbelief and let yourself enjoy them. The story is face-paced and does jump around a bit, but that also gives a sense of urgency to the situation. It also seems like this is a Part 1 or a preview to the rest of the story, which I suppose only time will see if that's correct.

'The Keystone' is available for free at Smashwords, and I do recommend you check it out. If for no other reason the hand-drawn cover is very nicely done. I've tried drawing my own and it never seems to work out. Which is why I generally bribe someone with food and stock images I bought the rights to use.

Thanks every for stopping by today. It's Pax Prime and Dragon-Con this weekend, so if you're stuck on a line ride somewhere, please check out this book and any of the others I've previewed before. Or even mine, 'The Light Rises' while I get everything in place for NaNoWriMo and the final leg of editing in December for 'Rending the Seal'. I hope you all have a great weekend though wherever you are, and if you are at one of those conventions, all of the jealousy in my heart is for you, and if you're specifically at Dragon-Con, please go say hello to Josh Gates and Erin Rider from Destination Truth for me, they're awesome people. See you next Wednesday!

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