Monday, July 1, 2013

07/1/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone and I hope you all had a really fun weekend. Mine was...a mixed bag in terms of stressful, which is one reason why there wasn't a post on Friday. It was like things would calm down in one place then pop up in another. My hope is that this week will go smoothly, since there's a holiday in the mix, and I won't have to worry much.

To give a little background, I put money toward the Kickstarter for the Rifftrax guys  to do a newer movie. The original plan was to try and get the rights to Twilight for one night so they can rip into it and make it hilarious, however they weren't able to get it. Instead they were able to get Starship Troopers. For those who participated in the Kickstarter, we were supposed to get tickets via presale, however AMC theaters weren't given the information, and therefore weren't participating. I missed the presale, but tickets went on sale to the general public on Friday, AMC theaters still didn't have any working links even though Fathom Events had them all listed. I talked with AMC via Twitter Friday, and after telling me tickets weren't on sale yet, they stopped replying. I also attempted to contact my local theater until Saturday, at which point I had to go down in person and show them the problem. I was able to buy the tickets closer to 4pm, however the fact that I had to go through all that to get tickets for something I helped make happen was incredibly frustrating. Right now I'm just trying to tell other people that were part of the Kickstarter what I did so they can get their tickets too.

That was incredibly long, and I'm really sorry about that. In happier news, Sunday was my mom's birthday and we all got together for food and family time since my family from Arizona is in town. That was a lot of fun, even if there were some awkward pauses in conversation. Also, the cheesecake I made went over well, so that was a nice added bonus.

Right now I'm trying not to die from the heat. It's not nearly as bad as it was during my time in Vegas those weeks ago, however there is a bit of humidity that is making it just awful at times. Now admittedly I don't live in the deep south, so I know nothing of humidity coupled with ridiculous heat, however I am super not used to this and am hoping the temperature starts going down a bit soon.

I appreciate everyone stopping by today. It was a good weekend overall, just lots of stress on top of everything. I will be back on Wednesday hopefully refreshed and ready to face the day! I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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