Monday, June 3, 2013

06/3/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Good day everyone! June has started and I am starting my 'OMG I LEAVE IN 5 DAYS I HAVEN'T GOTTEN EVERYTHING READY' panic. I apologize in advance to anyone that might have to deal with me until Friday morning while I sit around 100% convinced I forgot something incredibly important. I hope the weekend saw you all well. It was a lot less stressful than I had anticipated, though that isn't to say there wasn't any. The cat we're pretty sure is allergic to his food is deciding that the food he's supposed to be eating is gross and now he doesn't want it. I agree with him, it looks icky, but he also needs to eat and he is more stubborn than some people I know.

Editing is going well, in that I haven't thrown the binder out a window and vowed to never look at it again. I've gotten past the half-way point and can already see parts that will need to be changed heavily or removed entirely. I'm trying not to think about how to work around them if they do need to be removed, mostly because I know that will distract me from the goal at hand, but it's something that may end up needing to be done. I am really excited to see that the pages on the other side of the pen are becoming less and less each day, even if it's a slow process. Once that's done I'll get to start working on my laptop again, and hopefully Round 2 (or would it be 1.5?) will go smoothly.

It's around this time of year I start trying to work out my November schedule, and I have decided to be good this time around and see what video games are coming out that I know I will want play at the same time. I almost flipped a table when I discovered that not only does Pokemon X/Y (yes, I'm 12 at heart, shut up) comes out not just in November, but on November 1st. I assume this was done just to spite me since last year it was Persona 4: the Golden, and while that came out later in the month, my desperation to obsess over it meant that I rushed through NaNoWriMo very quickly, and then played that game pretty much non-stop after release, which lead to me needing to take a month off of doing anything major with my hands outside of work. I keep telling myself that it won't be so bad...that game doesn't require me to hold my hands in such a way that if left in that position they'll be stuck that way forever...but we'll see. Seriously...November-frickin-first...ruin my life why don't you...

Anyway, you've all politely put up with my ranting long enough this morning. I do appreciate you all stopping by. I will be back on Wednesday with something that is actually somewhat important, so please come and take a look. Remember Friday I will be out, hopefully awake-ish (have to be at the airport that I think the jail system made up to punish criminals) and maybe winning/losing all of the money in the world. Until I come back on Wednesday though, have a great start to the week!

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