Friday, June 14, 2013

06/14/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Hello everyone! I hope this week has been nice to you. I think my ankle is at about 90%, which is good because wearing the bandage with my shoes was getting amazingly uncomfortable. Yesterday was exciting in that I was able to negotiate for the car I want, even though I had to compromise on the price a little. I didn't back down no matter how much they were trying to convince me to. Super excited, now is just a matter of waiting for it to be built so that when I do get it, it'll be 100% brand new.

For today, I've decided on doing a little shameless self-promotion, since I realized I hadn't done it since I did the new edition and there are a lot of new people coming here. So with that, I bring 'The Light Rises' written by me! It follows four companions in 1890 London and their journey to prevent a biblical apocalypse.

Keagan Gillette had almost considered himself retired when he returned to London after two years of being MIA. The event of losing his sister Maria for a second time had been too much for him to handle and so he'd ran to America to drink his sorrows away. He barely used necromancy anymore, and somewhere in the back of his mind he'd almost wished he's forget about it entirely. London was a lot more welcoming than he'd expected and he was almost convinced his life would become somewhat normal until he saw a man create a blizzard in the middle of August. Now Keagan knows he must confront his greatest fear; the wrath of his companions for his disappearance, and they must all work together again to save the world from annihilation.

'The Light Rises' is available on Smashwords and other fine retailers for $2.99, and the reason I picked it today was because I need to be better about reminding people of its existence, but also because I want to get everyone ready for when 'Rending the Seal' comes out, hopefully later on this year. It's a mix of alternate history, magic, and a bit of steampunk tossed in with some mythological and metaphysical theory in there to keep everyone engaged. I would really appreciate everyone taking a look and letting people know about it.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I am super ready for this week to be done, but sadly I work tomorrow so not just yet. Again, I hope this week has treated you all well and I'll be back on Monday too. In the meantime have a great weekend!

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