Friday, May 24, 2013

05/24/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Good day everyone. I hope the week was nice to you. I for one am happy it's (finally) Friday, which means in just a few short (agonizing) hours I'll get to start my three day weekend! I also get to hear back from the vet today to see if my cat's numbers are looking any better. So...that will be fun.

For now let's just get to the reason why you're all actually here. I bring you 'Donuts' by Beth Pratt. Now as much as I wish for them to be physical ones, because frankly we all deserve to have something yummy, I don't have to power to make them manifest over the internet yet, so please enjoy the short story instead.

Lacy has a habit for running late to meetings, not that it's actually her fault. So the donuts are an attempt at putting out an fires before they start. Especially since her boss isn't known for his understanding and clam voice. However things get a little out of control when she actually makes it to the meeting and things start going in a whole new direction.

This story is a work of what's called Flash Fiction. It's when you sit down and write a story in a relatively quick amount of time, do some quick edits and then show it to the world. It's a neat format and one I keep wanting to do more with, but am always too nervous to do so. Not to mention I would get stuck on my lack of cover-design ability. Like many flash fictions though, this story is short, sweet, and fun to read.

'Donuts' is available on Smashwords for free, and like I said before, is very short, so you might be able to read it over your break while partaking in, dare I say, a donut yourself. Please help this author out by taking a look at her story and letting you know you like it.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. As I said previously, since Monday is a holiday there won't be a post that day, so I'll be seeing everyone back on Wednesday. Then it'll just be me frantically preparing for my Vegas trip on the 7th. I hope this weekend sees all of you well, so until I see you again on Wednesday I hope you all have a fun next few days!

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