Friday, May 10, 2013

05/10/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Good day everyone! It's Friday, which means we actually made it through the week! I know it was a little rough at points, but everyone should be satisfied right now. I'm mostly awake, which is a decent sign all things considering, so before that changes let's actually get to the reason you're all here.

Today I look at 'Supertech' by Greta van der Rol. As you may have guessed, it's a science fiction short story about a woman named Morgan, who is also what's known as a Supertech. She has implants that enhance her cognitive skills and also allow to her to interface directly with a network system. From what I can tell she's somewhere being considered property and a person to the military.

It's been six weeks since she was put on her most recent assignment, though she was also convinced it had been months before the time had actually been pointed out to her. The jobs she'd been given were menial and boring, however while the new one is fascinating and exciting, the more she works on it, the more Morgan starts to worry about what she's seeing. Her commanding officer doesn't seem to agree with her concerns, however it's up to her to either change his mind or get to the bottom of it herself, the only problem that could end up being a risk for more than just her.

I picked this story because frankly who doesn't like a conspiracy plot now and then. Morgan is interesting too, so that means the reader can be engaged the whole time rather than just skim through until the end. You become attached to her, and you hope that either she finds a way to fix the problem, or is listened to so that someone else can take the worry away. This is always important for your protagonist to have.

'Supertech' is available for free on Smashwords, and the subtitle says 'A Morgan Selwood Story' so I don't know if that was put there was stylistic reasons or if there are more to come. Also, the author was also the cover designer, which that is more than I could ever do with a computer, so good job to that as well.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I think if we do as well as we did this week next week that we should get to that new milestone for visits. I really do appreciate all the support that this blog has gotten, and I hope that it continues for as long as I'm able to keep it up. For now I hope you all have a really fun weekend though, have a great day!

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