Monday, May 13, 2013

05/13/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend was lots of fun. Mine was entertaining, but right now all my thoughts are on Wednesday. Not just because I have that day off, but more because it's my Star Trek day! I managed to get tickets for the sneak preview and I am stupidly excited for it! Also, as a heads up, Wednesday there won't be a post up, because as much as I'd like to celebrate hitting that milestone here, I also have to take one of the cats to the vet that day early in the morning, and I have no idea how long that will take.

Instead I'll just preemptively celebrate now! I'm really excited that it's gotten so far here. At first I had thought the blog would be something I'd do until I was tired of it, which usually gives me a good few months before something distracts me or what have you. However, that hasn't happened here, and I am really thankful for all the support I've gotten, and the acceptance during times where there's no posts (like last December). Thanks so much and I'm interested to see when we'll get to that next 1000 marker.

Yesterday was also Mother's Day, so for all of the mothers who stop by here I just want to thank them and tell them how awesome they are. They've managed to do something that I haven't, and frankly am terrified to ever do, not to mention my own mother still puts up with me and all my various elements of crazy. You're all awesome, never forget that.

Also, as an update, I'm still working on scanning all of those cards in. It's just a process, and one I need to make time to do. I will be getting it done soon though, mostly because I got the 'you're trial period is running out soon' message from Adobe. I'll keep posting them as I get them done, and if there are any I have missed, just go check out my Deviant Art Page and see what's there.

For now though I hope everyone has a great start to their week. I am sleepy, but will hopefully be able to push through. Working the longer day since I work this Saturday is always a killer because while I wake up at the same time, being at work for that extra hour is apparently a little but more than I can take. Thanks again for all your constant support as well! I'll see you later on this week!

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