Friday, February 22, 2013

02/22/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back everyone, it's Friday! I'm glad you all could make it. A quick shout out to that guy I live with who claims he's an old man today! Happy Birthday! I do have a new story for you all today too, so let's get to it.

Today I bring you 'New Bird' by Robert Larrison. Callista is an aid worker bringing food and medicine to the impoverished around the world, even to the places most wouldn't dream of going. Her newest job is putting her into the heart of militia territory and she needs to make sure she plays her cards right or else her name becomes a statistic.

Sometimes doing something dangerous and good for everyone possible are the same thing. Callista knows of the dangers in her job, as does her assistance Charlie, which is why they take as many precautions as they possibly can. The problem comes when it's unknown whether or not that'll be enough in the end. When their convoy is ambushed, Callista is forced to reflect on the things she's done and decide whether she wants to survive to help anyone else.

'New Bird ' is available on Smashwords for absolutely free and is a nice quick story to read while on your break or lunch. It's a recent publication, and I'm not sure if it's going to make it into the Premium Catalog because of some formatting, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't just make the trip to Smashwords and get it there. I always like stories about people with a drive to help others, and this is one of them. Please help out the author and take a peak, alright?

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. This week was a little different, but everything will be back to normal next week. They have it scheduled so that I work only one Saturday every 3 weeks now, and apparently that week I work Saturday I am no longer used to the schedule with. I hope the weekend sees everyone very well and I'll see you on Monday!

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