Monday, July 30, 2012

07/30/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I got good news on Friday, so my weekend was spent celebrating I could get my Playstation Vita without freaking out. Which I did. It's a neat little system I just feel like I'm not using it to its full potential. It's actually a really powerful device, which I'm currently using to play a PS2 game. I got actual games for the Vita, they're just not priority 1 right now.

I'm still pretending that 'Rending the Seal' doesn't exist, and that has helped relieve a lot of stress as well. Though I should probably start looking at 'The Light Rises' soon so I can get an idea of what needs to be worked out, and which story to do that on. I'm still surprised the speed transposing actually goes when it comes to 'Daughter of the Shackled King' I had anticipated the process being rather quick, especially since the pages aren't the standard 8 1/2 x 11 that most notebooks are (it's a composition book, so the pages are a tiny bit smaller) but every time I get around to working on it I never make nearly as much progress as I think I should. It's very interesting.

Our author from Friday's book picked up a copy of 'The Light Rises' as part of the Smashwords promotion this month. If she's reading this, thank you very much, it's very sweet of you do have done that for me. As a reminder, that sale's last day is tomorrow, so please stop by Smashwords to get 'The Light Rises' for $1 and be sure to tell your friends about it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could do that for me!

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I'll be back on Wednesday with my normal post. Once I have a start date for the job, and actually begin working, the times for the posts will likely change to be earlier in the day. I'll let everyone know though so there's no wonder about where the posts are if they do end up being a little later in the day. For now, thanks for coming and I'll see you in a couple days. I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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