Friday, April 27, 2012

04/27/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back and I hope your week has seen you well! I feel mine has been productive, even though some things aren't as 'done' as I want them to be, other fun things have come up so that's perfectly fine!

Today I bring you 'The Marathon' by Gabrielle Starr. It's a short first-person-perspective story about finding your way and breaking through the barriers in your life. It's something we've all gone through at one point or another, and this is how the woman in this story handles in.

She's just running, and feels like she has been forever. Only while dressed for an Olympic marathon, she's not on a track, but rather a seemingly endless tunnel desperately trying to reach the light at the end. She's been beaten down, mentally and physically, but still she keeps going. The light at the end is relief and freedom and though she can almost touch it, she never gets to go through.

You learn many things about this lady's life even though it's a very short story. You know she's been hurt in a way that would rock anyone's foundation. You learn just how much of a fighter she is, and what someone goes through emotionally when faced with something as painful as betrayal.

'The Marathon' is currently free at Smashwords, but only until April 30th, at which point it will become .99. If you want something short and inspiring to read I recommend checking it out. Also, remember the part where it's free until Monday!

Thanks everyone for coming by again this week and helping get this blog up to the 2000+ hits. 3000 will be the next benchmark and I'm excited to see how quickly we can get there. I hope your weekend will find you well, tomorrow I get to try and be social at a prerelease event, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm hoping for fun. Then it'll be character introduction for Mage! Awesome! See everyone on Monday!

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