Monday, February 20, 2012

02/20/2012 Magnificent Monday

Welcome back everyone! As always, I hope your weekend was as fun as mine. I saw an orchestra do a tribute to Muse and it was fantastic! I have 2 videos on my phone, which while not the best video quality, let me listen to some of the music again. They're doing a tribute to The Beatles in May, so, yay!

I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should stop hoping I'll get writing done on the weekends. I seem to do rather well with working it into my routine during the work-week, but I think because I want a break from everything, writing has started falling into that. Luckily I'm making good progress still, so hopefully my goal of having "Rending the Seal" done by the end of February is still a realistic one. There's two weeks to go, so we'll see!

I've also been trying to work out other short-stories I can work on to get my writing catalog a bit more filled-out. Nothing's been written yet, but I have some ideas; character bios, short unrelated stories, releasing things by chapter, and so forth. I was wondering what others may have tried and what worked for them. If you have any advice it would be wonderfully appreciated.

I would love for this blog to become a bit more active. Comments, discussions, questions, suggestions, all of it would be super helpful. I know it's hard to be the first one to do something, trust me, I totally feel you there. I love and appreciate all the support that I continually get and I look forward to the day when the hit-counter goes up by 100s a day.

If there are any topics anyone would like to see me address, I encourage you to contact me and let me know. I will do everything in my power to get it done for you. The same goes for book reviews as well. If there's something that you absolutely love and would like to see me do a piece on, let me know that it will happen.

I look forward to seeing everyone back on Wednesday for my writing segment. I hope the start of your week goes well, and that you get to do everything you want. Wednesday is also my bf's birthday, so yay happy Birthday to him! Anyway, until then, have a good couple days!

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