Monday, September 5, 2011

Magnificent Monday?

Hello! As you can see I'm still trying to figure out what to call the post for Mondays. I'm mostly trying to find something memorable without just ripping off an 80's song. Sorry the post is coming a bit later than normal, but hopefully everyone who has the day off today is enjoy it by relaxing and doing whatever they want!

I didn't make much progress this weekend on my own projects, that's one of the issues with trying really hard not to absolutely destroy my wrist. However, I did spend some time editing something for a friend, and for some reason, while doing that with my own work seems like an endless series of head-desking, I quite enjoy doing it when it's another person's work. I suppose it's because it's not mine therefore it's different.

Hopefully today though, I'll be able to actually get finished with my short-story so that I can get to that aforementioned editing process today. Yes I know I was hoping to finish that this past weekend, but that's the thing about writing; sometimes timetables don't work. Which is fine, it just means that when you do have time to get it done, hopefully it'll be better than if you rushed through it to get the work finished by your own self-imposed deadline. It also wasn't like I didn't do any writing this week, there's the one I work on at work that's almost to the "big reveal" and getting close to the end, and the short stories had some progress, they just aren't finished.

This brings me to something that I believe I may have left out of Wednesday's posts, and it adds to the "it's ok to take a break sometimes" line, and that it's also important to have time when you're not writing. Not in the sense of that's when you're at work and really shouldn't be writing, but more in that there needs to be a time when you are focusing on something else, like another hobby, that lets you clear your head, relax, and just do something else for a while. When it comes to writing it's like another job after (or sometimes during) your other one, and just like your other one, there are times when you just need to not be doing that right now. This is all perfectly fine, so don't stress over things if you hadn't written anything one day. You're cool.

Speaking of writing, I was wondering what everyone is working on these days? I figure this would give people a chance to post and maybe get some discussions going. Do you prefer genre or just literary writing? Do you find some easier than others? Do you usually go for long or short stories? Feel free to post the trials and tribulations of your experiences below. Remember we're all friends here, so there's no need to be afraid someone will jump down your throat because you say you write teenage romance.

I also saw the blog has reached 100+ posts! Hooray! I know it's not much compared to other blogs out there, but since mine has started recently I consider this a glorious victory! Thanks to everyone who's come by (sometimes multiple times) to see the updates and check out the books on Friday. I appreciate it very much. Hugs and loves to all of you! I'll see everyone on Wednesday, if you have any particular topics you'd like for me to bring up, feel free to post! See you then!

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