Monday, September 12, 2011

9/12/2011 Marvelous Monday

Hello! Sorry about the late post, as I said before my work has decided to put me in a training class, so I'm working a normal person's schedule this week (maybe next week too, I don't know anymore) but I am here, I am sleep deprived, and I'm read to type!

I'm still working on the edit for 'Uncrossed Paths" I finished my first and second read-throughs and have passed it off to a friend for peer edits. Hopefully I will be able to finish it soon though, as I said before I apparently have a deadline of next Monday.

Sadly this weekend was not very good for writing on my part, which is sad, but I plan on making up for it shortly. When it comes to writing for me, once in a while it comes in bursts of inspiration, though usually I'm fairly consistent, sometimes just slowing down and letting ideas stew for a bit is necessary. For instance, I can get to one part, then stop and wonder how exactly things are going to play out next, and sit there for a day or so working out the details until I get through the scene. I think all authors go through this, which is fine.

I'm looking forward to finishing my work project, "Daughter of the Shackled King" but because I have no idea what I'm going to occupy myself with next (besides work, of course) I have hit a bit of a problem. I want to work on everything at once, and unfortunately that isn't humanly possible, so right now it's a matter of figuring out what I need to do next. Realistically I should write everything in order, but apparently my brain isn't going to allow that to happen. I have all these ideas popping up for what happens next with these particular characters, I'm leaning more towards making that story-arc-block-thing what I do at work, and the prequel and sequel to "The Light Rises" my home project.

Again, I apologize for the late post, and whatever lack of coherency may or may not be held within it. My normal work schedule is 12pm - 9pm, and they have me working 8am - 5pm this week, so yeah, that happened. I always tell people I'm allergic to the morning (hehe) Come back Wednesday for the writing post, I plan on going into a bit more detail on what was mentioned last week to give a bit more info. Thanks again, and I hope you all have a good couple days!

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