Friday, September 23, 2011

9/23/2011 Fantastic Friday!

Hello and thank you again for your patience. I very much appreciate it. I'm terribly sorry I wasn't able to get the book post up sooner, hopefully everything will be alright. Now then! Onto the story!
One thing I kind of hinted at on Wednesday was that advertising for yourself is alright, and so to prove that point, I give you all SHAMELESS SELF ADVERTISING!

As I mentioned on Monday, I finished my short story collection called "Uncrossed Paths" and it tells the story about the lives of the characters in "The Light Rises" several years before they even met (and their actual meeting will be in the prequel I'm currently working on.) All of the stories are chronological, starting with the "Unexpected Apprentice", "His Beautiful French Flower", "Lighting the Lantern" and lastly, "Personal Investment". The stories detail significant events in the characters lives that eventually made them who they became.

I had a lot of fun writing this for a few reasons, the first being as I've said before I'm a total sucker for back story, and also the challenge of writing something short. It was also nice to work on something while getting some of the idea-kinks out of my head for the prequel.

"Uncrossed Paths" is available on Smashwords and is awaiting approval into the Premium Catalog, at which point it will be distributed to Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Scrollmotion, and Diesel. I should also mention it's free, so check it out and if you like it enough, also check out "The Light Rises" which currently is available at those other locations I mentioned.

Thanks again for stopping by, and also putting up with me throwing my own book at you. Stop by Monday to see what current projects I have going on. I'll warn that post may be a bit later since if things go according to play I'll be seeing a movie for my birthday. Until then, feel free to comment, post, and/or contact me, and if you'd like your own book featured on Friday, feel free to let me know! Have a good weekend!

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