Friday, September 2, 2011

9/2/2011 Fantastic Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! It's a 3-day weekend for me, hopefully others get to experience the glory that is not having to work on Monday as well!

Let's get to business shall we? Today's book is a short story currently at Smashwords called "Smite Me, Oh Dark One" by Steve Thomas. I picked this for today's review because of just how absolutely delightful it is.

The basic premise is that Acerbus is a God who's told by the other Gods he needs to destroy the races of the world they made if they try to achieve God-hood. Hating his job (and his co-workers) he decides to one-up everyone and become a Dark Lord.

The writing is splendid and every single page made me giggle, and not many things can do that. From my experience, a lot of comedy books put themselves a little too out there and it's just difficult to read, this one is done intelligently and in such a way that it makes perfect sense for the world around it. It takes the high-fantasy epic and twists it around in such a way that everything that happens in it, is nothing more than logical.

It also has this line, "I invented teleportation that very moment, just to get away from him faster. True story." That should be all the motivation you need to pick this up and read it. Also, like the story from last week, it's also free!

Steve Thomas has also written "Harbingers of Mortality" and "An Exercise in Futility" both of which are available at Smashwords, sadly I haven't read those yet, but I'm certain they are just as delightful as this one!

Thanks again for reading, as always if you would like me to feature your book on Friday, feel free to contact me. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend and see you Monday (though the update may be later in the day due to no working.)

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