Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/2011 Magnificent Monday!

Hello! Second verse same as the first; thanks for your patience while I keep having to post late. This post is actually a bit earlier than I had been anticipating, but let's not dwell on how I should have known the plans I had for today weren't going to pan out weeks ago when I had to cancel my vacation for my current (wonderful!) training class. Let's focus on what makes today awesome!

This! This is a link to the blog "Pinky's Pub" who has a premise similar to mine. A friend of mine, Raegan Millhollin (who's name you likely recognize) asked her to post my books today as a birthday present. It even has a little 'happy birthday' midi sound file. She said such nice things about my stories, and even posted links, how-to's, and a special coupon offer for "The Light Rises" with it. Raegan did a really good job at keeping the big reveal a secret from me, and I do enjoy surprises, and this was a super nice one! Thanks again my dear!

As for my own writing progress, I wish there was more to report in that area. This training class is seriously wiping me out. I come home and fully intend to write something, and then well, that ends up not happening because I'm super tired. I know I need to get back on my game though, with September almost over, I need to make a lot of headway in October to I can properly prepare for National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO). I'm already preparing the blog for that month, I'm super excited!

I had honestly planned on writing more this weekend, but between my Saturday gaming session, my cat apparently having a vendetta against my keyboard, and walking around the Puyallup Fair for 6 hours, that just didn't happen. Maybe tonight I'll do...something, if I'm lucky it'll even be that prequel too!

Thanks again for stopping by on my birthday, it means a super lot. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday via twitter, facebook, text, blog and the like, and for all the nice presents you gave me. It really meant a lot. I'll see everyone on Wednesday!

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