Friday, September 9, 2011

9/9/2011 Fantastic Friday!

Greetings everyone! It's Friday, and I congratulate you all on successfully making it through another week! Today I will reward this with another book posting!

Today's book is titled "Strange Fruit, Episode One: Feather", it's episode one of the "Strange Fruit" e-book series based on the webcomic, by Raegan Millhollin. If that name sounds familiar, that would be because she is the one who wrote the prologue we talked about on the first Friday post.

This book follows the story of Ephraim, a young man with a lame job who stumbles upon the beaten and broken unconscious body of an angel one rainy night in an alleyway. Normally he would leave people to their own devices, but instead he decides to take the person home and help them recover. However, his one act of kindness seems to be one that will cause a ripple of trouble, and may also cost him his life.

It's short, but it's episode one, so that's kind of the point. It includes the characters from the prologue, obviously, many years later, and it's building up to show how everyone is connected to each other in incredibly important ways. You start to see exactly how the foreshadowing is playing out, and if you're familiar with the webcomic, you also get some of the 'behind the scenes' stuff you didn't get a chance to see previously, so there's an added bonus for you as well!

Like the prologue, this book follows the supernatural urban fantasy genre. It's also available for the super low price of .99, and likely will soon be available at Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBookstore, and other locations once it is accepted into the Smashwords premium catalog. For now you can find it here, and if you're interested in seeing where it all began, the webcomic is here. You should definitely check it out!

Thanks again for stopping by! Just to give a heads up, my updates for the next couple weeks will be rather late in the day. I'm doing a special 2 week training class at work, so they'll have me working 8 - 5 rather than my normal shift. The week of the 26th should be back to normal though (and I'll have that week off so I super won't have any excuses.) Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I'll see you all Monday!

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