Friday, April 19, 2013

04/19/2013 Fanastic Friday!

Good morning everyone! It's Friday! Which means we all made it through the week. I'm really happy you could all stop by and I hope everyone has a really awesome weekend planned. As a quick reminder I will not be around on Monday, it is my anniversary and have taken the day off to treat as a holiday. Yay!

For now I'd like to talk to you about 'Rapunzel's Legacy' by Shannon Tripp. Aside from having an adorable hand-drawn cover, the story follows Marcus, a young prince who learns, in a rather unfortunate way, that his uncle is trying to kill him. The part that doesn't help anything is that when he wakes up in a tower a knight is there insisting that Marcus is his new bride, no matter how many times he insists the knight has made a very awkward mistake.

The only relief he gets is when a dragon comes to save him and fills him in on his uncle's nefarious plans. Determined to return home and reclaim his rightful throne, Marcus is faced with solving more problems than he'd planned for. Sure, according to his uncle he should be dead, but winding up in the tower isn't the only 'mistake' his uncle made. Now Marcus and his dragon must find their way home before it's too late to fix anything.

'Rapunzel's Legacy' is a fun little story that is full of humor and action, which makes it quite entertaining. I also like how you hear Marcus' internal monologue at some of the ridiculousness of his situation. I've always liked hearing what the characters are thinking, especially when they know the position their in is 100% out of the ordinary, and it's something that I've been working on somewhat implementing in my own stories. This story however, is available on Smashwords for $2.99, so please go check it out and help the author out.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today, I really do appreciate it. I'll be back to say hello again on Wednesday and I'll also post more links to my DA page, since I am hoping to have a substantial number of those cards up and ready. The high-quality versions look nice, and they will also be available for print as well. For now though, have a great weekend!

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