Monday, April 15, 2013

04/15/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Hi everyone! I hope the rest of last week was nice to all of you. I appreciate your patience with me not being around on Friday, if I had done that post I wouldn't have had enough time to run out the door for the show. The fair went very well, a lot better than I anticipated and I appreciate everyone who stopped by and those who purchased anything I made. My plan now is to make high quality scans of the cards and put them up on Deviant Art with prints available for those who are interested. Hopefully that will go well too!

It was really exciting and scary to do the fair. It was really different from what I'm used to, since normally I talked to people on the internet and I don't have to worry about whether or not they are feigning interest or anything like that. I'm glad I did it though, not just for having made a little bit of money, but because I have been working on getting better bit by bit socially and while I'm nowhere near a social butterfly I have seen the benefits of going somewhere I don't know someone to cling onto. Still scary though.

Now it'll be back to editing, which while it's not my favorite part of the process, I also played up the series so I need to get back in gear. The strangest part is that I had forgotten to put page numbers on it before I got the story printed out and now every time I look at that corner I just get frustrated over having overlooked something so simple. I really hope that doesn't last the whole time because it's going to get old really quick.

Also, as a thank-you for everyone who dealt with me and all my coloring, here is the coupon code that was used at the fair. It's good until May 12th and with it you can get 'The Light Rises' for $1! Please pass it along and/or use it yourself. I would really appreciate it! Just go to Smashwords and type YZ64V as the code to get the 75% off.

Again, I hope the weekend treated all of you well. I look forward to getting back into more of a normal routine. For now though I must be off, so I hope the start of the week is nice for all of you and I'll be back on Wednesday!

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