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01/18/2012 Writing Wednesday

Welcome back, to those who are currently residing in Washington state, welcome also to Snow-Mageddon 2012! I know there isn't much on the ground compared to Minnesota, or let's say Alaska, but we aren't exactly used to it up here, so it's our turn to panic. I hope everyone that's experiencing any kind of snow right now is at least bundled up and warm. Please forgive the later post today, with the snow I'm not going into work, which meant I was able to spend a little more time wrapped in blankets and cats in bed. I'm up now though, so let's get to it!

If you've been visiting the last several weeks, you've been seeing the progress of Phillipe's story; the farm boy turned mob boss. Last week we talked about fitting all the characters together, today we work out how to weave them in with the plot itself. We already know when they're getting introduced, so we have vague notions of when the readers will meet them, we also have a decent idea of the plot of the story, now it comes time to start throwing everything together and see what happens.

For all intensive purposes, let's say the readers have already seen Phillipe's childhood/tragedy in the prologue. We already know his mother, we saw him lose his father, and we saw him develop his motivation to prevent it from happening in the future. Let's flash forward to present day (or whenever you're having your story set), he's a grown man, strong build, stone-like eyes, and a mouth that no one knows if he's smiled since his childhood. In this opening scene he could be doing several things; over seeing a meeting, listening to someone give their report, going to a funeral for one of their fallen comrades, of even performing an interrogation. This is going to tell the reader the person he's become, they aren't going to see the scared little boy, or the naive new recruit with his ideals for freedom. No, this is a hardened criminal that has learned that in order to get things done, consequences must be taught, tough decisions must be made, and lines must be cut.

In this scene you'll also likely introduce the number 2, this is Phillipe's second in command, the one he talks to each and every day, likely more than anyone else in the gang. The number 2 is his go-to guy for just about everything, and the one he trusts with even the most delicate of jobs. This character will begin to show the since of loyalty people feel for Phillip, and will also give light to the bond between the other gang members. Remember, when they aren't on a job, there is a strong possibility they are guys who act like normal people. Give them hobbies, favorite things, things they dislike, maybe there's a poker night, or a night where they all watch the local sporting match, or even go to it. For those who are in this gang, they are an extended family, remember to make sure the readers know it.

The first chapter or two are going to give an insight to the world they live in. Show the other members working, coming or going to a job, their living environment, where they live, things like that. They likely don't all live under the same roof, but major meetings and get togethers likely happen at Phillipe's home, and if you're setting him up to be powerful and successful, is probably some extravagant mansion. This is your chance to show the reader some of the world you've created, so that for the rest of the book the reader knows what they're in for.

This will also be helped with the introduction of the newest member of the organization. That plucky street urchin that was mentioned before is the example I'll be using. This character will function as the 'audience' in that he will have things explained to him, he will be the one asking questions, and learning the ropes along with the reader. However, don't forget this is Phillipe's story, he needs to connect with this character, which can be done in the form of a flashback, dream, thought, whatever you need. This is going to be the point where he starts remembering his initial reasons for joining up in the first place, though it will likely be subtle at first, this will be the gateway for his journey to take back his life.

Sorry for making this long again, next week we'll talk about introducing the antagonist and the love interest. Thanks for stopping by again, I wanted to let you know that I made a facebook page for "Uncrossed Paths" so place check it out, and/or stop by Smashwords to pick it up. Remember, this is absolutely free, and is the stories of the main characters from "The Light Rises". I'll be back Friday with a review for you all. Until then, stay warm!

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