Monday, January 9, 2012

01/09/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hell and welcome back! I hope your weekend was fun and productive. I had planned on working, but sadly I got distracted. Apparently I tend to do more writing on a schedule, which means I need to get one set up for the weekend. Or at the very least do more during the week. Though the story I'm working on at work is almost done (finally!) and that feels great.

Today marks day one of my diet as part of my New Years Resolution. I don't normally make one, but this year I decided to go ahead and try it. It took some thinking, since I was all "I'll make one that says I'm going to finish the stories I'm working on!" but I decided that I didn't want to make on that was super easy, since they're both almost done with the initial writing stages anyway. I know a bunch of people make them to 'lose weight', however I mostly would just like to go down 2 dress sizes, and my boyfriend is doing it with me, so hopefully we'll be able to make this work!

I also made a Facebook page for "The Light Rises" and sent out an ad for it, so if anyone sees it, please click on it, check out the page, Like it, and hopefully head over to Smashwords to check it out. That would be great! I will be putting up coupons and such on that page that will be exclusive to it, so keep an eye on it!

For those who may have noticed, I got my Badge from SWAG to actually work, it took some finagling, but I did it! They are a great group of people and incredibly supportive. If you're a writer of the Steampunk genre, like the art, or make items for it, I encourage you to stop by and join up!

I hope everyone has a good week! Wednesday I'll be continuing my on-going segment of throwing a story together, and then Friday will be another book to review. Thanks for your continued visits, and support. If you ever have questions, or topics you'd like me to bring up, please feel free to e-mail or post here, and I'll do my absolute best to do so! Until then, have a good couple days!

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