Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/2011 Fantastic Friday!

Hello all and welcome back for another Friday! I hope your week has gone well, with new product launches and such, mine is rather hectic, but luckily I have still found the time to get this all done for you, so let's get to it!

Today we have "Eventual Revolution" by Benjamin Cheah, it follows the story of a magician named Michael, who's kind of down on his luck. Look for a few extra dollars, he does odd-jobs on the side, and this time he is just bringing a runaway home. It should be easy enough, but this job will force him to face demons, monsters, and his own past.

As I said before, I always like stories that cause a character to look back on his life and atone what mistakes he's made. It also helps there's magic involved, which gives this story a sort of "Dresden Files" feel. Michael is somewhat jaded with his life, and is just trying to make some extra cash so he can continue on living. It makes me wonder just how expensive it is to live as a magician in the modern world.

"Eventual Revolutions" is available via smashwords for $3.99, so with the holidays almost here, it's an inexpensive gift to give someone for their e-reader. It's not available on Barnes & Noble yet, so I'm not sure if this book has been submitted into the premium catalog or not.

Thanks for stopping by again, I hope everyone has a good weekend and stops by again on Monday. Remember, next week is crunch time for those who celebrate the holiday season, and any of the books that have been showcased here would make wonderful gifts! I'll see you next week!

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