Monday, December 5, 2011

12/05/2011 Magnificent Monday!

I hope your weekend found you all well. My eye appointment went about as painless as it could be, and now it is all a matter of waiting for my new glasses to be ready. I just need to deal with almost daily headaches until that point, then go through one more massive one as my eyes adjust to the new lenses, then POOF! I'll be able to see clearly again.

Something I had to re-learn this weekend is that I can't please everyone, some people are just going to be harsh and negative no matter what I do, and that is just how the internet works. I received a rather scathing review on B&N in regards to "The Light Rises", and while I won't quote it here because I'm trying to look beyond it, there were rather hurtful things written in it. While it made writing over the weekend difficult, I understand that this is how it's going to be from here on out. I can't please everyone, some people aren't going to be happy with what they've read, and they are going to feel the need to not only tell the world, but also be insulting when they do it. The important thing to remember at times like that is that not everyone in the world agrees with them, and there are people who do like your work who will support you and help you when things get hard.

I'm over the 110 page mark in "Rending the Seal", which I'm hoping means I'm close to half-way since for some reason this project feels like it's taking absolutely forever. I think that's partially because with Nano last year I finished "The Light Rises", but this year I only added about 80 pages to the new one, and it's nowhere near completion. I want to say I'll be done by January, but I make no promises there.

This month brings holidays and such, and I hope you all enjoy every one of them. For those still shopping for gifts, I recommend "The Light Rises" for 50% off at Smashwords, just use coupon code: UQ59B and you'll get it! I will be back Wednesday, so until then keep up the good work!

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