Monday, June 16, 2014

06/16/2014 Magnificent Monday!

Greetings everyone and welcome back. I hope the weekend was nice to all of you. Mine was fun, though it was partially spent trying to mentally prepare myself for this week, so, that was great I suppose. I have what I am going to say at the memorial written, I just need to hear back from my mother to know if it is 100% ok or not. I still think I'm crazy for volunteering, and I probably am, but I wanted to do something.

My efforts to move 'Feathers of the Dead' into a digital format continues. I am almost to the 1/3 point, which is a nice little milestone to be at. There was a point when my hands were starting to hurt and I realized it was because I had been so focused on editing for so long that I hadn't done enough actual writing to keep them "in shape" so that was a surprise. That was only for about a day when I hit the 10,000 word mark, but it was a little surprising. I knew to expect my tendonitis to act up, I just didn't anticipate it being so soon into the process.

I'm also still going back and forth about whether or not to use my NaNoWriMo free print out of my book. On one hand, it would be super cool to have a print edition out (and someone in my family would actually read it, but that's another gripe that's not for here) and it would let me sell a printed version for people. On the other hand, it would be using Amazon's printed publishing service and I am super irritated with them right now. Not because of anything they did to me personally (though opening those nice shipping fiasco wounds helps) but because of the ongoing dispute with Hachette, WB Entertainment and several other companies about their pricing model. I'm mostly upset about Hachette because of how it effects new and independent authors that use them as a printed publisher because this is hurting them so badly it's just painful to watch. Luckily one of their biggest advocates is one of my personal heroes, Stephen Colbert, who is also having his books (which are amazing) stifled by Amazon. I would love to be able to actually hold a copy of my book in my hands, but I also want to stand by Hachette and the other companies Amazon has decided they want to pick on by not using their services. Heck, I may just see what I need to do in order to go through Hachette, but I do urge you all to look into what Amazon is doing because it is awful and just so sad to watch. All it does it hurt the people who have made such wonderful products and the customers trying to get them. Please shop elsewhere until (and potentially after) this has all settled.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today! I shall be back on Wednesday with an update and hopefully some good advice. If you have a topic you'd like to see, please let me know, it would be great and I'll do my best to bring it up for everyone to read! Have a great week!

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