Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25/2013 Magnificent Monday! - NaNoWrMo Edition!

Hello everyone and welcome! I'm terribly sorry for the lack of communication regarding the whole lot of nothing that happened on Friday. I was still enjoying the fact that I had finished up my writing Thursday and had come to the realization of what that meant for everything I had been working on, and also I seriously felt what finishing Thursday morning had done. It was like working out way too much but not actually feeling it until the next day. I have spent the whole weekend trying to get that to calm down and have been partially successful, so I apologize, but oh man am I still excited!

I do hope that everyone who is still working on their stories for NaNoWriMo is having a lot of fun with them. You are almost done and that means this week is your home stretch, and that this week is also going to be the one that is going to throw the most non-writer's block related curve balls at you, especially if you live in the US, due to holidays and shopping in order to prepare for them. The day before Thanksgiving is a ridiculous day for shopping for groceries (guess what I get to do after work on Wednesday?) and the day after is the absolutely nuts day some people decide it's ok to kill each other for things they didn't want to kill each other over a week ago. These days not to mention the day of Thanksgiving are going to be a serious roadblock in regards to your writing, but don't fret I'm sure you can do it!

If you are done with the 50,000 are you able to "validate" your novel now on the NaNoWriMo website. That's basically where you copy and paste what you wrote and their little computer will actually agree that the 50,000 words are legit and not just 'kitty' written a bunch of times. I might actually accept kitty, I have no idea. I've gotten mine done though and pre-ordered my t-shirt! Yay stuff!!

As for my moment of excited self promotion and somewhat uncontrollable gloating or bragging and I really don't want it to come off as me trying to rub stuff in people's faces, but I am ridiculously excited about what it means to be done with the writing portion of 'Through the Broken Mirror'. It means that the first trilogy is done for the whole series. My, what will end up being a 6-book series, is halfway to being written (I won't say done because, haha....editing) but it is halfway written and in my computer. Technically it's more than half because 'Daughter of the Shackled King' is now being edited too, but one full trilogy has been done and it seriously just blows my mind just how many pages that really is. I am appreciative of all the support that I have gotten from friends and family and am thankful to their patience in the future while I get the rest completed. We're halfway there, just got to get the rest done!

For putting up with me this month and all of the others, I want to give a token of my gratitude, 'The Light Rises' is on sale for the rest of the year using coupon UM87K which will make it 75% off! Please tell everyone you can so they can all get the discount! Have a great start to the week and I'll be back on Wednesday!

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