Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/2013 Magnificent Monday - NaNoWriMo Edition!

Good morning everyone and welcome back! I hope the weekend saw you all well. I took the time to relax a bit after last week's rush to get everything ready for Friday while at the same time getting my writing done. Luckily I managed to get everything together, but still, man that was tough at times let me  tell you.

The craft fair went well. I ended up doing a bit better than I did last time, which is promising. Hopefully that means that I'll be even more prepared the next time around too. I have a few prints to touch up and once those are delivered I'll be all done. It was a fun experience, but I am really happy that it only happens a couple times a year. It is exhausting on a social level for me and I just need the time to calm down afterward.

NaNoWriMo is going right along too. I am currently in the homestretch to get to 50,000 words. I'm not sure if the story will be finished within that span, but I figure it won't be long after that if it isn't so I might just take a bit of extra time at my own pace to finish things up if I need to. I am to the really dramatic parts though, so that's kind of fun to finally get them down. Right now my word count is at 40,948, and according to their little ticker thingy I should be done by the 21st which is cool because I'd love to have a Friday to just relax and not feel rushed, especially right before the holiday hits. I am really happy with how this story is turning out too, it feels very solid, at least from what I can remember of it having read it before to get read and adding to it now. I think the character's reactions are all very realistic for what's happening, and I think the ending will be satisfying to all of the future and potential readers out there.

Couple things I wanted to give a heads up about. I just remembered I have an appointment Wednesday morning, so that post will not be happening, my apologies there. Also, for the craft fair I made a coupon for 'The Light Rises' so if you want to get it for 75% off, feel free to use coupon UM87K through Smashwords. It's good until the end of the year too! So that'll get you through all of the holidays if you want to use it as a gift for someone.

For now, I'll let you all enjoy the start of your week. I hope it's a great one. I'll try to look forward to my appointment with all of the enthusiasm that anyone would for a doctor's appointment. I hope everyone's NaNoWriMo progress is going well too, I'd love to know how everyone's doing. Let me know and have a great week!

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