Monday, September 23, 2013

09/23/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope the weekend saw you all well. The prerelease didn't go nearly as well for me as I would have liked, but going 2 for 2 isn't bad overall. Hoping the launch party on Friday goes better. While this is my Saturday week I am will happy about it because I have my birthday off! I hope to spend that day doing little to nothing productive. Let's see if that happens!

'Rending the Seal' has been sent off with my beta-reader in hopes that someone who isn't me or already familiar with the story will be able to pick out all my spelling/grammar issues. It's a bit of a gamble, since the person is not my target demographic, but it's something that I need done and having someone who is a complete blank slate look it over is for the best. They are under instruction to be done by December, so we'll see if that happens too.

As things start coming together more and I also keep staring at a calendar I am becoming nervous and excited for November. I really hope I am able to finish again without hurting myself, and if I follow a similar pacing plan like I did last year I should be able to pull it off. There's always the bit of nervousness that I won't be able to though. I keep being told by multiple people to try dictation software, which I know logically I should, however getting over the embarrassment that comes from talking out my book, and also the fact that I sometimes stutter, especially when reading, is something that is holding me back. I need to work on getting over it though...just have no idea how to actually start doing that.

In other news the cat is still on the mend. I think we've settled into a good routine, but only time will tell. It drives me nuts because the weight came off relatively quickly, but not like...liver-damaging quickly, but getting it back on is proving to be an emotionally draining task. It'll take time and as I see one cat miserable and the other bored and huge I wish that it didn't. I don't like watching my cat be sick/allergic to everything.

Right now I just need to focus on one thing at a time. Especially because as soon as November hits I'm going to be focusing on way more than that. With a craft fair and also a game coming out in the same week while I sit there and try to get my word count up, it is going to be a test of resistance for me. I'll want to do everything and know that I shouldn't. I'm just hoping that the day of the craft fair is one I can spend at home afterward and not just running around more. We'll see though!

Thanks everyone for coming by again today. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about something mentioned about or something you'd like to see on Wednesday just let me know. I always like it when people start a discussion here. I hope you all have a great start to your week too. I'll be back on the 25th!

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