Monday, March 25, 2013

03/25/2013 Magnificent Monday

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a super awesome weekend! I have finished round 1 of my drawings. I decided that since I was only missing two that I would indeed design all 22 of the Major Arcana, so I had to add Judgment and the Hanged Man to my list. Now I am working on recoloring the copies I made because my printer decided making things super light and also getting rid of things like the background and skin color and some shading was an awesome idea. Things are looking good though, I just hope I can finish them all by the 12th.

I know I keep talking about this thing, but that's only because I am super excited and a little proud of them. Like writing, these were a huge task and the fact I managed to get them even to the point they're in now, I am really happy for. I'm also super nervous about the idea of the craft fair; I'm not one to put myself out there in front of, not just people I know, but complete and total strangers that are actually right in front of me and not just on the internet. I feel like I should have more things to sell than just the Arcana, but then I realize I have no idea what that would possibly be. I'm considering coupons for 'The Light Rises' but haven't settled on that.

I have also made more progress in my editing. Something that I left out that is constantly driving me crazy is that there aren't any page numbers. It was something so simple that I forgot and I have a constant reminder of it on every page. I can't help but look at it, and I'm hoping that I don't lose all of my sanity by the end. So far though all the pages are sporting a nice smattering of pink from where I've made notes and crossed things out. I'm hoping that after the first two editing drafts I can let someone else read it for a while so I don't have to look at it.

Thanks everyone for stopping by today though, I really do appreciate it. I have also realized just how far behind I am in posting the links to those cards. I will make up for this right now. I think I left off with the Moon...I I'm just going to start from after that point, here's Justice, Death, the Sun, the Hermit, the Devil, the High Priestess, Judgment, the Hanged Man, the World, and the Lovers 3. As you can see, I have been super busy, but have been having super fun. Enjoy, and have a great start to your week!     

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