Monday, January 28, 2013

01/28/2012 Magnificent Monday

Hello everyone. I'm really sorry about Friday's lack of post. I was having some technical difficulties with my computer. The track pad on my laptop decided it needed to go out in such a fashion that a) made it nigh impossible to do anything on it, and b) make it seem like I had the most irritating/terrible virus I've ever gotten. Most of my Friday was spent angry and/or panicking over the idea of having to possibly reformat but not being able to save any of my data. The fact it was only the track bad came as a bit of relief, but still irritating since the laptop is less than a year old.

I hope to make up for the lack of review this week, since I have a little portable mouse for the laptop now and have disabled the track pad so it doesn't freak me out. The entire situation upset me, but it also made me scared that all my hard work would end up being lost for stupid reasons. My luck with things technology related is mixed, at best, and I am someone who's always a little nervous to update pretty much anything because of the amount of times I've gotten terrible file-corrupting viruses right after doing so. I have been told those patches are supposed to stop that, which is why there is a decent amount of table-flipping when that happens.

For now though things seem to be working fine with the work-around I have done. I have been told, multiple times, to have it fixed under the factory warranty, and realistically I know I should, however there are so many horror stories I've heard of people who have sent their computers away for repair that I am hesitant. Also not knowing how long it would take also makes me fidget since at that point I wouldn't know how long I'd have to go without being able to work on anything. Having to use a mouse isn't so bad, the situation itself was rather inconvenient though.

In other, more awesome news, I can officially say that my temporary position has being permanent at my place of work. It's such a relief I can't even being to describe what that (hopefully) means to me. To be in a work environment that is so stable after everything that happened in the last year is simply magnificent and I'm hoping that it just means good things from here on out. It's great to be able to once again thing of the future and be able to start work on saving for it without having to wonder what I should do after a certain month. I'm really excited about all these and I'm happy that I can finally share it with everyone.

For now though, I will leave you to enjoy the start of your week. I'll be back on Wednesday as always and I hope you will be too. If there are any topics anyone would like to me to consider, or if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know and I'll work it into everything. I always like hearing from my readers and I the whole purpose of this blog is to help people. In the meantime though, have a good week!

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