Monday, January 14, 2013

01/14/2013 Magnificent Monday!

Welcome back everyone from what, I hope, was a super fun weekend! I know it's always tough to come back to the start of a workweek, especially when the idea of simply staying in a warm bed is far too tempting, but I appreciate everyone coming to stop by here.

I was finally able to start working on writing again this weekend and man did it feel great! At first I thought I was being kind of slow about it, but then I realized the new word count on 'Through the Broken Mirror' and I was rather satisfied with myself. It felt good to come back to it, and I think working on sketches at work is helping too. I've been practicing with inking and I am having a lot of fun with that too.

As I look back at the work I did before my break and what I need to do to fully come back into it now, it feels like a ridiculously daunting task. As I said before, the habits that were developed during my break are rather nice, tempting habits that I don't necessarily want to give up. However it is for the best that I push them aside, and I'm sure that as the new year progresses it'll be easier to do so. I'm especially looking forward to when it's not absolutely freezing cold in the morning, since that it s a major problem and frankly my bed is kept warm by lots of blankets and cats and I don't want to move.

Right now the hope is the get the writing process finished with 'Through the Broken Mirror' and I'm hoping that isn't going to take a billion years to do. Once that's completed the task of editing 'Rending the Seal' will begin and I already know that will take at least one lifetime to do so. My hope with that editing process is that I will be able to trim it down some. I know that stories will be as long as they need to be, but in my opinion that thing is too long and needs to be taken back a couple pages. Especially since once it is formatted to have real chapters (when I was writing I was lazy and just kept putting spaces in order to speed things up) it's going to be even longer just because of the spaces between the end of one chapter and the 'Chapter X' words. Either way I'm sure that is going to be a process I'll be tearing my hair out through, but it will be worth it! Hopefully...Yeah it'll be worth it.

For now though I need to work on what I have in front of me. I feel like I have a bunch of projects in the 'half-way-done' phase and I'd like for them to get to the 'mostly-done' phase. It'll happen soon and when I do I know I'll be extremely excited as I look around and fidget to find something to do.

Thanks everyone for stopping by again today. Remember, the coupon WC65W to get 'The Light Rises' for 50% off is still active, so please tell everyone you know and love! I would be honored to see more people getting into the start of the series. I'll see everyone back here on Wednesday, so for now I hope you all have a great start to your week!

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