Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01/09/2013 Writing Wednesday!

Hello everyone and welcome back! I hope the start of your week has seen you all well. There is some kind of awful plague thing going around work so I am using all of my willpower to not be caught in it's terrible grasp. Hopefully it will continue working as it has. Currently I am sitting on the couch covered in nice blankets and one of my cats, who is letting me know it's time to clip his surprisingly sharp claws by kneading my arm.

Anyway, onto more important things. Coming back from a hiatus, no matter how long, has its challenges, and I find I'm running into them at all corners. Probably the biggest one is getting back into the habit of what I was doing before. For example: I want to work on everything, but I also want to play my Vita at work during lunch, and X-Com when I come home (kind of obsessing right now), and I like being able to lay in bed in the morning and read articles and news on my phone before having to get up. That's the problem everything is so comforting that forcing it to the back-burner again and filling my time with work takes willpower and effort. One way I have started the process of combating this is by starting to read what I had done during NaNoWriMo. It gets my head back in the game and the creative thoughts spinning again. I also liked not having to drag my laptop everywhere, that bag gets heavy.

Right now it's about getting back into the swing of things, and another way to help that along is to devise a plan of attack of sorts. It's all about re-devloping the habit that you had before, and luckily once you're back in the stride it'll feel great! I know I need to take it kind of slow though, which is good and fine since the last thing I want to do is jump into it full-force and put myself right back where I started in December. So far the plan I have is that once I have finished reading what I have so far of 'Through the Broken Mirror' that I will of course, start writing it again and get to the point where I finish it. Most of the writing will likely take place in the morning, which a majority of it getting done during the week I work later due to more time. I will also get back in the habit of bringing the laptop to work so that the transposition work of 'Daughter of the Shackled King' can start up again. Luckily that is a slow process so I shouldn't have to worry about over doing it.

Something else you should also take into account is that eventually you will feel like it is never going to get done. There will be this little voice in your head that will tell you the day you started working, and then it will remind of you what day it is now. There will be frustration, disappointment, and anger that follows, but you need to also remember to stop yourself in the middle of all that and subtract the time you took your break. This will close the gap a little, and depending on what you're doing that should help you feel at least somewhat better. Never feel guilty about taking a break, no matter how long, especially if it was for medical reasons. I can't stress that enough. I know there are people who feel like they should be working on something 24/7 and feel just 100% awful if they needed to stop for any reason, but please understand that if your health was coming at risk the break was necessary. Sure I feel bad that I haven't been able to work on either story I'm currently in the middle of, but that's more because I like the stories and I always remember how much I like them when I'm working on them, and less because I don't think I needed the break. Like I said before the start of NaNoWriMo; if there is pain, EVER, no matter how small, stop what you're doing and take a break. Pain is your body telling you that you've gone too far and you need to stop for a bit. Never feel bad about that.

I appreciate everyone stopping by again, and as a reminder of my appreciation if you go to Smashwords and use the coupon code WC65W you can get 'The Light Rises' for 50% off! Don't forget about 'Uncrossed Paths' either as a free introduction to the four main characters too! Did I mention that one's free? I'll be back on Friday though, so please enjoy the rest of your week and stay away from any plagues out there!

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