Monday, January 7, 2013

01/07/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone! I have decided to try and make a comeback starting today! I apologize for the long hiatus and also appreciate your patience and the many kind words that I have received since the end of November. As far as I can tell things have healed up (as much as they can be) which means that I can start focusing on what's important again!

I really didn't want to have to take the time off, but after NaNoWriMo this year I really needed it. It was a big wake-up call for me too, since I basically learned that if a game I want to obsess over comes out in November, I need to decide which one I love more because I obviously can't handle both it and writing like the wind. Things got pretty bad, but I decided that since I type a lot at work any excess typing wasn't going to do me any help so I decided to cut that out as much as I could. Thankfully lots of Alieve and some rest later things have calmed down to a more manageable level. I would have come back last week, in order to start off the new year right, but work decided they needed to change which Saturdays I worked, and having to do too weeks of early shifts in a row were absolutely murder.

In order to get myself back into the proper swing of things I have also started reading what I have done so far of 'Through the Broken Mirror' and it's helping me get back into the mindset of what I was trying to accomplish with that story. I have to keep telling myself that while it may not be on the same global-disaster-sized scale as 'The Light Rises' or even 'Rending the Seal' that doesn't mean that to the central characters that isn't happening. It's a delightful challenge and I am enjoying every step of it.

The next step to getting myself back into my old game will be to start bringing my laptop to work again. Right now I am going to take it slow, so it probably won't come with me right away, but that will start up again. I do feel kind of bad that I don't end up having lunch with people, since in general I'm doing something on either my Vita or my laptop with headphones on, but I enjoy the focus I can put into something else that isn't work.

I do, again, appreciate everyone's patience and encouraging words while I was off. I had more messages than I was expecting from authors telling me to get better soon and all of them brightened my day. As a token of my gratitude, I have created a coupon for 'The Light Rises' to be used on Smashwords so you can get it for 50% off! WC65W is all you need to type in to get it for the discounted price!

For now though! Thanks again everyone and I will be back on Wednesday so we can get everything back on a somewhat normal schedule again. It's good to be back.

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