Friday, January 11, 2013

01/11/2013 Fantastic Friday!

Hello everyone and welcome back! Getting back into the swing of things has been tough, but I won't let anyone down. It took me some looking to pick the right story, but I think I have a good one for all of you, so let's get right to business!

Today I bring you 'Disease' by Curtis Berry. A short story about a man that has been crippled by illness and must work to stay alive while at the same time fight against the screaming in his body begging him to accept the release that death brings.

The main character doesn't have a name, which is fine because frankly it works out in this case just perfectly. You know all of the pain the man is in, physically, and you know what kinds of weakness the disease has wracked his body with. You see the world from his point of view, a dark dreary place that has caused him to experience something terrible that refuses to help him. When he finally decides to self-medicate he goes out into the city on a terrible night and you get to see exactly what he thinks of the world and some of the highest establishments.

'Disease' is available for free on Smashwords and is a rather entertaining read during a break or lunch. I do recommend picking it up because once you finish it you truly do appreciate what the author was trying to do with the story. Since it's short, I won't give any sort of spoilers so you'll just have to trust me on this one and pick it up for yourself.

Thanks everyone for coming back and visiting me this week to welcome me back. It's all greatly appreciated and I hope I was able to make it at least a little entertaining for you all. Next week will be more of the old routine as I try to get the rest of my habits back in order! For now, please still enjoy the coupon WC65W for 'The Light Rises' so you can get it 50% off as my token of thanks. Also, everyone have a great weekend!

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