Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31/2012 Writing Wednesday!

Hi everyone! Today is October 31st, which marks not just Halloween (yay!) but also my last day of freedom. Tomorrow is the first day of November, which means that all of my free time will be spent frantically typing away to meet daily word quotas. I hope you're all ready for it, because you have less than 16 hours to get prepared!

I think I'm mostly ready, and hopefully if I run into any spots where I'm not completely and totally prepared I can wing it appropriately. I keep getting told the overall premise is depressing, and that's really because it is, but I think I figured out how to make it have not a complete and utterly terrible ending, so there's that! Like most years I'm also not sure if the story will be finished at the 60,000 word mark.

For those that are participating, remember to go to to get registered to track your progress and also enter in your novel information. It's also a way to connect with people also enjoying the prospects of NANOWRIMO and where you can go to meet people in write-ins and other such things. It's also fun to put in your daily progress and see where you stand against where the numbers say you should be. At least for me, but I also give myself different daily goals.

I'm looking forward to this year's NANOWRIMO, mostly because it lets me start working on 'Through the Broken Mirror', which will be the third and final book in the trilogy 'The Light Rises' belongs to. It's the sequel to it and takes place roughly 17 years after it, (13 after the epilogue, if my numbers are adding up correctly, which is always a mystery) and will follow the story of Juliet Petri. She is Amelia's daughter and a budding young metalurgeon who is trying to find her place in an early 1900' England. However, when her mother vanishes and people start forgetting her, Juliet must venture out, accompanied by Enrico's apprentice, Michael, to discover what really happened to her mother on the fateful night almost thirty years before and save Amelia before reality rejects her. Personally I think it will be an interesting experience, since a majority of what I write doesn't involve teenagers, and also historically it will only be a handful of years away from WWI. Let's see what happens!

I hope you all get to participate and have fun with NANOWRIMO this year. I'm looking forward to it, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the 60,000 word goal. I'll be interesting to see how my work schedule plays with it though, since it changes every week. Hopefully I'll be able to adjust, either that or I will be staying up later than I should to get everything done.

I'll be back on Friday with a new review and a word count update. If anyone is participating and wants to post their progress here they certainly can, and frankly I would encourage it. Just remember to have fun, and try not to hurt yourself, it really sucks. See you all Friday!

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