Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone and welcome back on this rather cold Monday! I hope your weekend saw you all well. I feel like mine was far too short, though that could have been because I was fighting back a migraine pretty much all Saturday, so it felt like working overtime. Oh well, I just need to last today and tomorrow, then I can get some catch-up rest on Wednesday; my last day of doing whatever I want with my spare time before the flurry of writing begins.

Though I'm pretty much ready for it, I'm still a bit nervous about NANOWRIMO this year. I just keep thinking about my schedule and how little time that actually leaves me for writing. I know I'll be able to get stuff done during my lunch, but the problem is going to come on the Saturday's I work. My lunch is only a half hour on those days, and in general they are fairly busy. I feel bad about writing at the game, but it looks like I won't have much of a choice. Well, unless I want to work double-time on Sunday, however I don't know if I am up for that. Oh well, I suppose this weekend will be the best test for it.

I am now on the waiting end of Smashwords watching 'The Light Rises' for me. I have told them about the digital shipping issues I've noticed with the new edition and have been informed there is now a tech watching it. I don't know if that means they'll fix it, or just look at it and nod affirmatively that there is something weird happening with it. For those who would like some context; Smashwords distributes my book for me to pretty much every retailer but Amazon. I can go into my settings and see when it was shipped and a rough estimate as to when it should be available on those sites. However, I have noticed, since I uploaded it, that the dates it was shipped keep changing every week, and the book is never updated at the other sites. Finally last week, after waiting several, I contacted their tech support and pointed out the problem, using Barnes and Noble as the example. They said there have been some shipping delays and now they'll keep an eye on it. I just hope 'keep an eye on it' means 'they're going to fix it' because frankly, I would love to be able to start spamming other links.

For now though I will wait and remember wake it feels like to be awake. I appreciate everyone's continued blog support, it means a lot. I hope that whatever advice I put out there is helping those who need it, as well as the reviews on Friday. I will do my best to keep everyone as up to date as possible regarding NANOWRIMO progress and such as well. Until then, I will see everyone on Wednesday!

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