Monday, May 21, 2012

05/21/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Welcome back everyone! I hope the weekend saw each and every one of you well. I'm sure that a lot of you spent time playing a certain PC game about descending into hell, I heard it was kind of a big deal. For myself on the other hand, my big weekend thing was a purchase! I have replaced my over-heating and falling apart laptop with one that actually works! Is it bad the thing that's making me happiest is the fact I can use the keyboard without having to smash the keys repeatedly to get what I want. (Working shift key I love you.)

Now my initial plan was going to be to wait until July (if the laptop made it that far, I understood that situations might change that would cause the equivalent to a technology emergency situation.) when I knew for certain that I would have the money to get it. Not to say I didn't now because obviously I purchased it, but I honestly couldn't pass it up. Through the manufacturer's website I had speced out a new laptop that I thought was reasonable, and also reasonably priced, however when I went shopping with my other (who was also looking at laptops) I came across a deal that I would have been an idiot to pass up. Also, it came with Office Home & Student for free, so that was also an incredibly high selling point for me.

Having this new laptop makes me hope I'll be more motivated to get work done, since honestly being a writer and having a shift key that might work sometimes was not helping. I got everything moved over last night and have started wondering exactly what this little thing is capable of. Even if most of what I'll be doing on it is using Word and listening to music.

I'm also working on what I'll be doing once my current place of work closes at the end of June, besides being a little depressed. My hope is that I'll have a job lined up that would start in August, so I'd be able to take the entire month of July off. If that ends up being the case the only people that would benefit would be my readers. I plan on getting so much work done my doctor will likely yell at me for it. I mean, I'll also do good things for me like go on walks and try not to melt in my top floor apartment, but my primary focus will be on writing. Here's to hoping that's what happens!

Thanks everyone for stopping by to visit again. I'll be back on Wednesday to take a lot of another writing topic. Hopefully it won't be another mini-rant, but we'll see what the Internet has to show me before I get there. Another reminder, 'The Light Rises' is still on sale for $1, but only until May 30th, so that means you have just over a week before it goes back to being more than that. So please, go to Smashwords and use coupon AW99C so you can get it at the discounted price, also tell your friends so they can too! I'll see everyone here Wednesday!

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