Friday, May 4, 2012

05/04/2012 Fantastic Friday!

Welcome back and I hope you've all had a great week! I took a bit longer finding this one, so I want to get right to the review!

Today I look at 'Dead Sexy' by Sharonna Johnson. It's a free short story available on Smashwords about what it means to be true to yourself. I mean, the overall plot is about a girl who wants nothing more than to live up to the model (literally) that her mother was, but no matter what she does she is faced with constant rejection.

It's an example of what the modeling industry wants; blonde, non-existent size, busty, and fake. Here we have Angela, a little red-head who wants to be just like that, but any agent she tries to visit won't even let her open her mouth before they reject her. Now, I'm a little hurt because I'm a red-head and think that all of us need to stand together and be awesome, but I also understand that there is a kind of stigma there. (Whatever, we're still cool.)

In the end, Angela makes a desperate move and asks for help by selling her soul at a Crossroads. Instantly her life is changed forever, but is it really worth it in the end? That's the question that 'Dead Sexy' poses to its readers, and frankly anything that makes you think is a win in my book. What I took away from it is that being true to yourself is more important than what people who only think they know what the world wants say, but as with many things that is up to interpretation.

Thanks for stopping by again! Remember you can see get 'The Light Rises' for $1 until the end of May using coupon code AW99C when you visit Smashwords. Tomorrow I get to go on a mini-trip down to Oregon, I'll let you know if we get murdered by ghosts while down there! I have a good weekend everyone!

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