Friday, January 31, 2014

01/31/2014 Fantastic Friday!

Hello! I am really happy you all stopped by today! Not only is if Friday, but it also happens to be the end of January. Maybe it was because I spent half the month sick, but it really feels like the whole thing just blew by. There's also some kind of rally for the Seahawks today at my work, so that'll be interesting to see. Let's actually get to what you came here for though. I bring you 'Children From Stone' by W. Blake Heitzman. It's a fiction story told in the form of a Norse fairy tale. Being the sucker I am for myths, especially Nordic ones, I'm sure you can understand why I picked the story with little to no hesitation.

It basically is a story about Loki being, well Loki, and trying to cause terribly strife and conflict in a small village. That fails so he puts a curse on the town when he leaves. Being, surprisingly optimistic about their situation, they find a way to still have what they aren't able to and live rich and fulfilling lives.

Maybe it's because not-so-deep down I am a sucker for Nordic myths, or that whenever I picture Loki now he's only ever being played by Tom Hiddleston (did you see either of the Thor movies or the Avengers for anyone else? I didn't! Loki forever!) but I did really enjoy this story. It had a feeling of making the best of a super not good situation, and even when talking to Odin about it, still the villagers, while saddened, were optimistic.

'Children From Stone' is available on Smashwords for Free, so please go and check it out and tell everyone you know and love about it. I'm sure they would find it absolutely enjoyable and the author would very much appreciate the publicity.

Thanks again everyone for stopping by. I am trying so hard to get back into the swing of things. Monday should be still normal, which is good. I hope everything at work goes well today, and then tomorrow it's theoretically off to win...something, maybe, at the prerelease! Super excited for that! Anyway, have a great weekend!

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