Monday, July 14, 2014

07/14/2014 Magnificent Monday!

Greetings everyone and good morning. I hope so far this Monday is being nice to you. I have been greeted by cats and a power surge or some sorts. There was a flash from another room, all the power went out and then there was a BOOM outside. Everything came back on a couple seconds later, and luckily I was already awake, but it tells me today will be interesting at least.

Having to work Monday after a Saturday is always really hard. There wasn't enough time to relax after a week of working a weird shift and all I want to do is sleep. Not to mention I'm still adjusting to my new desk and I just want to have a rock accidentally hit the oppressively bright light above my head. I've had people say they'll switch spots with me, but moving is such a hassle that I want to at least try and see if I can get used to it first.

Work is continuing on 'Feathers of the Dead' and it's going quite nicely if I do say so myself. There is a lot of work that needs to be done on that thing once I get this part completed, but I am pleased with how it's going so far. I think it'll be somewhere between 85 - 90 pages typed, which is nice and once it's filled in a bit more it should push it well over the 100 page mark. I'm almost to the part where I get to go into the various Underworlds, which is a point I was fairly pleased with personally, so I am pretty excited. I got to have a lot of fun with all the useless bits of mythological knowledge that's in my head for this story, so whenever I get to a part that has some I get excited. It's also a great refresher when it comes to NaNoWriMo planning for this year, which is an unexpected benefit.

With things going so smoothly for 'Feathers of the Dead' I'm hoping that means once I'm able to have it all in my computer I'll be able to get back to work on 'Through the Broken Mirror'. Of course that means getting it back from the person that has it, but my hope is that once I'm done with my current work that will have happened by then. Work has been making them very busy though, so I'm trying really hard not to be a nag.

A reminder before we head out today! The Smashwords Summer Sale is still going strong! We had a wonderful first half and I hope that all that picked up my books have enjoyed them. You can still get 'The Light Rises' for FREE for the month and now 'Rending the Seal' is 50% off! Please tell everyone so they are able to enjoy it and get a fresh start to the series. I would really appreciate it! The coupons are generated automatically on the site, so just send them over and they'll be able to get the discount.

For now have a great start to your week. I'll be back on Wednesday so if you have a topic you'd like for me to take a look at feel free to drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you and I'd always love to get a discussion started. See you all again soon!

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