Monday, November 5, 2012

11/05/2012 Magnificent Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend saw you all well. I'm a little tired, but because of Daylight Savings time I was able to get an hour back. I'm just a little convinced it's an hour later than it really is, which is kind of throwing me off. It hasn't hampered my Nano progress though, which is good because I am making good time despite feeling like I have a severe lack of time.

I'm getting back into my rhythm for the month, and while I'm reasonably convinced I'll be able to get done before Thanksgiving there is still that concern that a couple days before something is going to force me to take a break for a day or two. After Nanowrimo of Christmas Past a couple years ago I have done what I can to make sure that I pace myself with all my typing, and there are points when I'm still nervous about it, or I have to force myself to not do more, no matter how badly I want to.

So far, so good though this year. I'm also trying to see how things work out by writing out the chapter numbers as I go. My normal way of thinking was that speed was more important than determining chapter breaks at that moment, so I would just put *** where I wanted potential breaks to be. The problem came later when I was numbering chapters on something that was over 200 pages long. Sure, the first few were fine, but it was later, when I was putting say 'Chapter 12' when I was paused, go back to the previous one and make sure the order was right before going onto the next. I don't want that to happen this time around, so I'm see how this works.

For those that are working on Nanowrimo with me, I with you all the best of luck. This is a really hard month for all of us, and some things are going to get neglected in order to make time for the daily word quota to get done. Make sure your loved ones know what you're doing so they don't get upset, that's the most important part, and also do what you can to make sure it wasn't completely interfere with your work; Nanowrimo is fun, but so is getting paid for your work. Let's each go at a pace we're comfortable with, and let's get to that 50,000 (I was so happy to learn I was wrong about the word total, again) together so we can celebrate at the end.

Thanks everyone for stopping by. I'll be back on Wednesday and hopefully I'll have a B&N link for you with the updated 'The Light Rises'. Smashwords has told me their techs are now making sure the new edition shows up at the other retailers, and I am giving them a week or so to actually see if it happens. So far nothing, so if I don't see them by Wednesday I'll be sending another e-mail. Until then though, good luck and I'll see you then!

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